Time to Celebrate

We both sat there on the couch, letting the feeling of home seep into our minds. We could literally feel the comfort returning to our minds, our bodies and our schedule. They always say, “Home is where the heart is” and it was very evident at that point in our lives that our home held everything that made our hearts filled with joy contained inside it and Continue reading

Chemo Sucks

Chemo sucks. No two ways about it. Now, I realize I’m not the one going through it physically, and I don’t have to feel the effects of the drugs on a daily, sometimes seemingly by the minute, basis but I still feel the chemo through my wife. I see it in her actions, in her emotional state, in her physical motions and it isn’t fun to experience that. I am still forced to watch her struggle at times with the effects of the toxins on her expectant and consequently sensitive immune system and that sucks. Continue reading

Developing A Plan

So we were at what you could call “rock bottom” that night in bed as we  just laid with each other and tried to wrap our heads around the entire situation. I think that actually made things worse because the more we thought about everything, the more difficult it was to understand. The most difficult time in those few days was easily that first night we were home. It was 2:41am and I woke up to a very unusual sound and I couldn’t figure out what it was but when I did my heart hit the floor. I got up out of bed and walked quickly towards the familiar glow of our master bathroom light to find Lindsay sitting in the bathroom, head buried in her hands, sobbing almost uncontrollably. Continue reading

She’s Not A Statistic. Let me prove it.

My wife said it best when she said “I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not, nor have I ever been, a statistic.” I think I told her that but we’ll let her take the credit for it. 😛 The point I’m making is that this couldn’t be more applicable to a person than my wife. Let me tell you the story of Lindsay and I and then let me tell you why she’s not a statistic, nor can she be defined by one. Continue reading

The Dreaded Diagnosis

I figured it was about time that I (Lindsay) write things from my own perspective starting where Cody left off.  That day a few weeks ago when we got to see how well our little baby was growing and moving was probably one of the most exciting times in our lives thus far.  Any time we can see that little boy and hear his heartbeat every negative thing around us seems to fade away, even if just for a few seconds.  What we didn’t realize at the time was that this moment of pure joy was soon to be followed by pure devastation just a few short hours later.

Continue reading