Champions Never Have An Easy Road.

Well, another day down is probably the only real way to sum up today. It was a very long day at work for me and Lindsay went into treatment already tired so you can imagine how she felt afterwards.

I met Linds and Deb for lunch at the treatment center here in town and we enjoyed Moe’s together. There wasn’t as much laught Continue reading

Happiness is a mindset, so smile!

Well day 3 is in the books and it was a good day! Lindsay is feeling as good as you could reasonably ask for with everything going on and she was in much better spirits today so maybe she does listen to me every now and again! 😀

I met her and my mother-in-law for lunch and we got to give each other a hard time, share some stories, laughs and good food. It made Continue reading

Where do YOU stand in times of challenge and controversy?

Sorry I’ve been so bad about updating this! We’ve been enjoying our time together and I’ve been more and more tired at nights so I’ve failed to keep the blog up! That’s going to change this week, I promise to jump on and at least give a short little recap of the daily activity!

We left off shortly before Father’s Day, which seems so long ago now! Father’s Day weekend was great, Lindsay got me a craft beer club membership for Continue reading

From the highs and lows to things your Father knows.

I know its only been a week since I last posted on here but it feels like forever! There has been a lot happen in the last 7 days but I’ll do my best to update you on everything without getting to off-topic. 🙂

If you have any deductive reasoning skills, you’ve probably deduced that treatment was rough on us last round. I didn’t even have a chance to comment on the final day of treatment due to the whirlwind of emotions, events and days that followed. Linds went in for treatment on Friday and felt tired but nothing too abnormal. However, as the treatment wore on, s Continue reading