Asking A Favor Of You All

Well it’s been a fun and comfortable last couple of days but I will discuss all that later tonight or tomorrow. For now I’m just going to use this post to ask for something from everyone.

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Walking A New Path

Hopefully this post is a little more uplifting and happy, as it’s filled with all kinds of beautiful memories. 🙂

We were discharged on Wednesday, August 26th, just 4 days after he was born (5 days spent in the NICU) at 9pm. Long story short, we had to wait for him to be off the jaundice lights for 24 hours before discharge so we got discharged a Continue reading

All in His timing

As most of you know by now, our little miracle baby, Bentley (not Joey ;)), was born last Saturday, August 22nd! We had just made a plan a few weeks prior to be induced on August 30, but of course little man had a plan on his own. Par for course for this pregnancy things didn’t go as smooth as we were hoping.  After being in the hospital the previous weekend due to chemo side effects Continue reading

God Is Good.

Well I’ve been on quite the hiatus. If you hadn’t guessed by now, I have had a very, very rough couple of weeks (as did Lindsay) and I’ve struggled to find the ‘want to’ or the mindset to sit down and write but I almost felt compelled to write something today even if it’s brief.

Last round of chemo was super difficult on Lindsay both emotionally and mentally. She started feeling crappy earlier in the round and that kind of steamrolled into a rough mental stretch as well. As you’ve gathered by now, I’m sure, my mental state (and physical state in some ways) kind of ‘goes as she goes’, so to speak. I Continue reading

Keep On Pushing

I feel like it has been forever since either one of us has updated you all and so much has happened in the last couple of weeks.  Cody left off I believe on Tuesday of treatment week and unfortunately, the days to follow were some of the worst we’ve encountered yet.  Cody mentioned having to go in for a blood transfusion on Wednesday after chemo finished up and that went pretty quick and didn’t take any longer than we expected.  I will say that our experience at OSF here in town was MUCH better than either of our experiences over in Peoria 🙂  I had been feeling pr Continue reading