I’ll never be able to move on. Ever.

I left off with our final few days together but that still isn’t even close to present day so I figured I need to try to catch up while Bentley is enthralled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I actually read an article today that has changed my outlook on my reality I guess you could say, and need to write while the passion is still there. Scratch that…I got this far before I had to feed him and he wanted to snuggle to sleep in my arms so I let that happen for obvious reasons. I’m starting now that he’s in bed! 🙂

I can comfortably say that the days Continue reading

Chemo Still Sucks

I believe Cody left off by saying that we had decided to stick with the same two drugs I was on before until the trial in Cincinnati opened up.  This was a decision that was incredibly hard for us to make, but we really feel as though it is our best option. Once the decision was made I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and never once questioned whether this was the right choice or not. It wasn’t until a few days later that I received about 30 cards from “chemo angels” all over the country Continue reading

This little light of mine…

Hello my blog-reading friends! It’s me, Cody. I got used to having my time at night after Lindsay had went to bed to update the blog and as soon as Mr. Bentley got here, it makes getting that time at night very difficult. Both because we are tired and want to take advantage of uninterrupted sleep and because it’s hard to find time to blog when there is so much to do around the house. Either way, it has been too long since I’ve last posted on here and I figure it’s about time we update you all o Continue reading

Where to go from here

Cody and I got so comfortable this last month living a “reality” as new parents and not as people fighting a horrible disease.  We were able to get back to being “us” and remembering how great things were before this nightmare started.  We were living the reality that every newly married couple with a brand new baby should be living.  Except, unforunately, that’s not really reality for us. We have done a great job the last couple weeks kind of putting cancer on the back burner and not l Continue reading