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Updated post: This blog will move away from it’s orignal intention and morph into a (hopefully) inspiring and insightful look into what it’s like to live through grief as a widowed, single father. I hope each post is able to make you FEEL what I’m feeling and that you get to enjoy watching my beautiful baby boy grow up into a young man.


Original post: We appreciate the overwhelming love, support and prayer that has been directed our way during this challenging battle. The reality is that at this point we truly, truly appreciate the support at this time but we don’t know how to answer the “If there is anything we can do, let me/us know!” responses we’re getting. We know that always being a listening ear or shoulder to cry on when we are ready is incredibly healing and helpful. Being supportive in prayer and reaching out with encouraging words are also very helpful. If you feel that is not enough, or that you’d like to give a monetary donation to help support our young family during this journey you may do so via our Go Fund Me page or buy a T-Shirt via our Booster page.

When you see us out and about, we ask that you keep the health questions to a minimum and treat us as though this extraordinary situation wasn’t involved. It’s not a matter of wanting to “pretend it’s not happening”, we just don’t want to relive or retell our still very painful and fresh memories of this journey on a daily or sometimes store-to-store or hour to hour basis as we are out and about. That’s a viewpoint that is inexplicable until you’ve actually gone through something like this. It may be off-putting or seem rude to some but that’s OK, as everyone interprets things differently, we just know that for us, it’s important that others understand this is how we feel at this point. The blog is going to be a very personal, emotional, informative, thorough, open and honest look into our journey and should more than answer any questions you may have but we ask that you keep any other thoughts/comments/questions local to the blog page, it’s a way of creating a safe environment for us to answer questions and vent when WE feel ready, not when someone else feels THEY are ready.

You may always reach out to us via social media, text or phone calls to express your support and positivity towards us but we ask that we not have to answer questions in that manner. We prefer that all health related questions are asked and then fielded through this blog because it is as I said before, it is a safe environment for us to approach when we feel ready. We hope you can understand this and I know that those of you that know Lindsay and I would know we would never turn down someone’s help, love or support or be rude to anyone, we just want to be vividly clear in our standpoint on this, as it’s a little thing that everyone can do to help us get through this process!

We love you and thank you all for sharing this journey with us and being there for us when we need it most. Life is beautiful and precious and having such a strong support system and amazing families to rely on and sometimes lean on is nothing short of a God send! Thank you, thank you, thank you and keep up the positivity and prayers, we need you to fight with us! 🙂

-Linds and Cody

2 thoughts on “More Information

  1. Lindsay & Cody,
    I am sending prayers for strength and faith to help you through this. Difficult times can knock us down and drain us of the strength we need. You are all, even your precious bundle, are in God’s hands. Let his Love and the love of your family and friends help carry you too. I will continue to follow your story and keep you in my prayers!

    Janie Bade


  2. Lindsey and Cody, Although I don’t know you personally I can relate in many ways. Live your lives as YOU feel you need to, not as others feel you should. Enjoy that bundle of joy and all the happiness that that brings, lean on your family and friends, and trust that God has a plan. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers


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