Chemo Still Sucks

I believe Cody left off by saying that we had decided to stick with the same two drugs I was on before until the trial in Cincinnati opened up.  This was a decision that was incredibly hard for us to make, but we really feel as though it is our best option. Once the decision was made I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and never once questioned whether this was the right choice or not. It wasn’t until a few days later that I received about 30 cards from “chemo angels” all over the country that heard I was trying to make a choice between 2 different trials and had been continuously praying for that decision to come and to feel right.  It’s amazing what the power of prayer can do, which is why we continue to ask that you pray with all of your might. 🙂

While I am on the same meds as before, treatment this time around is set up a little differently.  Before, I did 5 days in a row of infusions before having 2 weeks off.  This time, I only do 3 days before 2 and a half weeks off and only one of those days is actual infusions.  The first day is about a 7 hour day at the cancer center and then the following 2 days I am able to take pills from home. It’s so much better being able to be in the comfort of my own home for the majority of treatment instead of sitting at the cancer center for 5+ hours every day of the week.  They are also able to give me more anti nausea meds this go around since I’m not pregnant and it seems to help.  I still ended up getting nauseous towards the end of this past round, but nothing like the previous rounds.  It still completely wipes me out though which is another struggle in an of itself.  Chemo was exhausting while pregnant, but before Bentley was born I was able to just come home and zone out and do however little I pleased until I started to feel better.  That’s not possible with an infant. I can’t choose to not feed him when he’s hungry or not get up with him in the night when he’s screaming, so from that sense the exhaustion is more intense.  It’s harder for me to allow myself to rest and recover when Cody is already taking on more than his share of responsibilities around the house. Luckily, our families have been more than willing to come watch little B man so that we can get some rest.

We still are unsure on an exact start date for the trial in Cincinnati, but have been reassured that it should be sometime this month.  I start another round of chemo tomorrow and we’re hoping it’s the last one before I can start the screening process for the trial.  We are hopeful that this trial really could be a cure for me and because of that we ask that you pray every day, multiple times a day that I pass the screening process and am accepted to the trial and that is really is the cure that we’re looking for.

3 thoughts on “Chemo Still Sucks

  1. i will continue to pray for you, God has blessed you with an amazing mindset to show the courage that very few have in your position. I believe that God will do great things with you, just let go and let God, your an inspiration too soo many! keeping fighting, your fight will show others that they can do anything they set their minds too:)


  2. Continue to pray every day for you and your family.Your strength is an inspiration to others. Keep fighting and keep the faith! Your family is beautiful!


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