Back In The Saddle Again

Well this post will be a bit different from last, that’s for sure. My goal was to get Lindsay to write a blog about the daycare but she told me that after getting as emotional as she did typing up the draft of the letter she sent home to notify families of her hand being forced to shut down the daycare, I knew my odds weren’t very good. 🙂

Anyway, since the daycare closed life has been pretty busy, ironically. The first weekend after daycare closure I hosted a diaper party with all of my closest male friends and family that went awesome. We got 1,998 diapers by my count, to go along with a few thousand wipes! I sadly don’t anticipate that lasting much more than 5 or maybe 6 months! If you recal my pooping story from last blog post, you can see why I don’t anticipate that lasting very long! Haha 🙂

We spent the end of last week prepping for our massive garage sale to sell all of our daycare stuff along with some other items we’ve needed to sell for quite some time now. We had so much stuff packed into our garage on Wednesday and Thursday that we just decided to set out stuff on Thursday to see what we could sell. We sold a ton of stuff on the first day (not even a planned or advertised opening) and ended up having a SUPER successful and profitable sale over the weekend. We brought in more than double of what our goal was and we’ll use some of that for furniture for baby “Joey” and his nursery and then save the rest for medical bills for when he is born.

While we’re on the topic, I’ve had a few people come up and ask what Joey’s middle name is because they’d like to get him some embroidered items. I had to laugh at this because that isn’t going to be his actual name. We call him baby Joey because during our first 3D ultrasound his face resembled that of our Maltipoo dog who happens to be named Joey. So we have a dog Joey and baby Joey. 🙂 The name is a secret (despite Lindsay’s claim that I would ruin it by telling everyone) and we appreciate the offer for embroidered items but they can either wait until after birth or you can just put Baby Weber or even Baby Joey and we can figure out how to explain to that to him when he’s ready! Haha!

Obviously this past weekend was a scorcher, in fact I think I was just sweating from blinking my eyes at one point! We both sat out in the heat and I even helped load some items and spent a lot of time moving things around to sell better. Unfortunately the heat spelled bad swelling and made for quick fatigue for Lindsay so I made her take it easy as often as she’d listen to me. We had a great Sunday as well!

Sunday was the first of 2 Baby Showers we are having for Lindsay and Baby Joey and we got TONS of awesome stuff! We got a bunch of adorable onesies, decor and gifts that followed our Monsters Inc. nursery theme along with a lot of our registry items as well! We also have his crib, changing table, stroller (from the shower), baby monitor (from the shower), an amazing 4moms brand swing (from the shower) and lots more! This kid is incredibly spoiled and loved already and he is certainly going to have all the cozy stuff he needs to have a great nursery and first few years of his life! 🙂

Yesterday marked the first day of cycle 3. It started out kind of crummy and didn’t get a lot better due to it setting a schedule for the next few days of treatment. When Lindsay got her blood drawn and tested her hemoglobin counts were low again, returning all the way to a 7.5 g/dl measurement. Anemia in the 3rd trimester starts around 9.5-10 g/dl so she was obviously deficient. They pretty much immediately setup another transfusion for Wednesday but this time we will fortunately get to do that here in town at OSF St. Joseph. This is obviously a huge bummer because they have to drip each bag over 2 hours along with a saline bag which means we’re looking at a 5-6pm release time due to chemo running until around noon-1pm. She also was told she had to go to St. Joe’s after treatment on Monday to do a finger prick test so OSF can register her and ensure she’s getting the correct blood so that added to her Monday schedule. Couple all this with our long days on Tuesdays (oncologist meeting/checkup, chemo, ultrasound and OB checkup/meeting) and we have a stretch of very long and draining days.

Today (Tuesday) was a frustrating day but ended on a good note, I suppose. This morning after meeting with Dr. Ladanyi and him informing Lindsay that he wants to do some scans in a few weeks for a status update, she started her chemo treatments. Dr. Ladanyi seems relatively happy with her progress with her CA125 counts (cancer marker) but was disappointed to see her RBC (red blood cells) count to be so low, as it’s not good for Lindsay’s health, fatigue levels, recovery from chemo or the baby. He basically left her saying she was doing pretty well and we’d run scans in a few weeks and see if we need to reassess our plan of attack/chemo regimen or if we would continue on as is. Her treatment went pretty well today but she had a super weird crowd experience today. There was a middle-aged, chubby man who was getting his first treatment done today and he for some reason felt that the best way to do his treatment was to take his shirt off! Haha 🙂 Lindsay said he was not in very good shape and showed no shame in walking himself to the bathroom without his shirt on. That wasn’t the strangest of things to happen, unfortunately, as another woman who was getting treatment who was much to Linds’ senior, tried to chew some candy and ended up choking on the candy. Apparently about 3 nurses ran over and began patting her back and just before they were to start the Heimlich the lady coughed out the candy! Linds said she was turning purple when they finally got it out and then was having trouble breathing afterward but eventually got back to normal. Made for an entertaining (not in a good way) day at treatment and it went by pretty quick.

After treatment I met Lindsay, Sam and her mom at the Maternal Fetal Medicine office to meet with Dr. Leonardi. We got taken right back to the ultrasound room and got started pretty quickly. I love when doctors appointments actually run close to on time! We met with our awesome nurse, Dawn and one of the many awesome sono-techs, Deborah. We got a few good pics of the little man today and even some 3D ones that turned out! No hands and feet in front of his head this time! Everything measured great, pretty much everything hitting the 80th percentile or better and Dr. Leonardi said everything looked fantastic. Baby Joey came in at 4 lbs 1 oz today and was as ornery as ever with his hands in front of his face and not staying still to get any good pictures but he gave us a few so we’ll take it! 🙂 I always love ending our day there, as Dr. Leonardi has a calming nature about him and that along with seeing our bundle of awesome makes for a great ending to our day. He answered all of our questions about Lindsay’s feet swelling (due to heat) along with any other questions we had, even breaking down the difference between blood transfusion types and explained irradiated and CMV negative blood! I seriously love his demeanor, knowledge and personability, makes for an amazing experience each time and I feel we are in the best hands you could find in the state and I truly mean that!

All this hectic scheduling, information overload and chemo treatment has reminded me of something that I’ve already mentioned previously–we have to continue this journey one step and one day at a time.

“One day at a time–this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone. Do not be troubled by the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering. Happiness is a journey.”  – Unknown

I’ve said this before, or something very similar to it, but I truly believe in the above quote. Too often do we get wrapped up in the past and hold grudges, let things weigh on us, let things fester that shouldn’t be an issue anymore because they, too, are just that; part of the past. Too often can we get wrapped up in planning, wishing away time, stressing or being anxious about times to come when in all reality we need not fret about our future but rather control the present and what is meant to be will be. Lastly, carpe diem. Seize the day. Such a simple concept but we forget it almost every day that we wake up. We need to approach our present with a mind free of clutter and thoughts of the past and future but rather, live in the moment and enjoy its beauty.

I talked about the innocence of a child in the last post and that perfectly exemplifies the above sentiment. When the pick up a bug (I’m going with rolly-polly since it was a daycare kid favorite) or a newly discovered item of God’s creation and run over to you with absolute curiosity, innocence and eyes that are eager to learn about their discovery, THAT is living in the present. Enjoy your time with your family and friends, enjoy your present because everyone has lots of things to be thankful for in their lives. Love, positivity, curiosity, creativity and innocence is infectious so seize your day and make others take notice of your outlook!

Get out and find your rolly-polly today and go share your present with others… (pun intended :P)

2 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle Again

  1. What an adorable ultrasound picture…. he has a huge smile on his face. God bless you all Cody and Lindsey and baby Joey too! We are keeping you in our prayers and have you in our weekly prayers. Our prayer warriors are amazing! Have a wonderful and blessed week!

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  2. Well said! It was so great to finally meet you in person yesterday! I love putting a face with your post, IM’s and emails. You are an amazing person with an amazing wife. Joey is simply adorable already. I can’t wait to meet him! If you need anything, please know I’m here for you guys. Prayers will continue to be with you all. Thanks again for everything; especially these awesome post and great reminders!


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