Where do YOU stand in times of challenge and controversy?

Sorry I’ve been so bad about updating this! We’ve been enjoying our time together and I’ve been more and more tired at nights so I’ve failed to keep the blog up! That’s going to change this week, I promise to jump on and at least give a short little recap of the daily activity!

We left off shortly before Father’s Day, which seems so long ago now! Father’s Day weekend was great, Lindsay got me a craft beer club membership for a few months and a hilarious “Daddy Diaper Belt” that came equipped with diapers, creams, a facemask (what kind of poop does she expect this kid to have?! Ha!), some goggles (again, what does she expect?) and some gloves. It gave me a pretty good laugh and got me even more excited to venture into “Daddyhood”. Baby Joey wrote me a card (Ok, ok…Lindsay wrote it…I know he’s a genius already and all but how is he going to write from within? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) that may or may not have made me tear up a bit. Ok, I may have cried a little bit. Regardless of that, my first Father’s Day with my son was exactly what it was supposed to be. I was reminded how blessed I (we) am to have him and it made me that much more anticipatory of his arrival. I don’t want it yet because I want him to be as healthy and as big as can be but I want him to get here already and I know that Linds feels the same way.

Now for a quick, funny story for you. We had my parents, siblings and Grandpa Ray down for Father’s Day on Saturday at our house and we grilled out and Linds cooked, it was delicious and a great time. We exchanged cards and gifts between dinner and our German Chocolate cake dessert (Thanks Don and Paula!) and my Mom handed my gift, smiling and proud as a peacock. I opened the bag to reveal my Brian Urlacher signed jersey from when I was probably 14-15 years old and she proclaimed that they had planned on getting it framed for me, something her and I had discussed a few months prior. However, after I opened the bag I quickly realized it was a Chris Zorich jersey. Anyone who knows who Chris Zorich is, is a pretty die-hard Bears fan but he was one of my brother, Logan’s favorite players from the mid to late 1990’s. This jersey was not mine, it was Logan’s!! My Mom so very proudly and giddily handed me a bag filled with a jersey that wasn’t even mine! Haha Anyone that knows how organized my Mom likes to be would find this pretty hilarious. Everyone got a really big laugh out of this and once Mom got past the embarrassment and saw it for what it is, she laughed too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday we went to my in-laws’ house to spend time with my Father-in-law and brother-in-law on Father’s Day. We had a great time, it’s always fun playing with my nephews. I think I was a tiger, lion, cheetah, snow leopard and a hyena with Cade (we call him Cadesters) in a matter of about 15-20 minutes as we traversed around the world, him telling me stories about animals and asking me questions along the way. The innocence and joy of little kids is something to be admired. He was so happy and so content to switch continents, animals and to learn new things and it made my heart happy, being able to share it with him. I can’t wait for those moments with my son, letting him teach me and show me all the little things in life and reminding me along the way to slow down and enjoy them, like we talked about a few blogs back. Anyway, we left that day with a Rubbermaid tub jam-packed with baby clothes that we gathered together from a collection of 6 Rubbermaid tubs that my sister-in-law is selling and then ultimately donating as her boys have outgrown them! Needless to say, baby Joey is super spoiled already and he’s not even here! I’m not kidding though, this kid’s closet is probably 75% full already and he’s not even here yet and we haven’t had baby showers yet!

Last week was a relatively uneventful week, which was awesome! We finally had a week that was filled with 2-3 nights of nothing but time to ourselves, to relax, snuggle and catch up on our TV shows. We even sprinkled in a date night in there! ๐Ÿ˜€ Linds battled an upset stomach and swollen lower legs/feet throughout the week last week, nothing crazy but definitely enough to annoy her and prompt me to call our doctors to make sure all was ok. The doctors assured me I was being overprotective and all was well. To prevent the nausea they suggested taking a few of the anti-nausea meds 2 times a day during treatment week and so we decided we’d start that for sure, to be safe. The swelling was a result of the pregnancy and our OB assured us at our checkup last Tuesday that it was normal and nothing looked like it was cause for any concern. We had a pretty good week overall and got all the baby clothes put away and some more nursery organization done so it was a pretty good week!

Last weekend I was on-call as the Primary on-call person for work and had to work from 10am-2pm Saturday and again Saturday at midnight so that cut into some of our time together but we made do. I was still able to get the garage cleaned and organized and Lindsay was able to organize, label and sort through most of our garage sale items which was a huge hurdle between now and our home daycare items/closing and vacating July 17, 18, 19th garage sale, free advertising, right?! Sunday was spent mowing and hanging out and spending time together without much happening and it was awesome. I love those kinds of days best.

Today marked the first day of cycle three and Lindsay is back to handling it like a champ and kicking some chemo ass! ๐Ÿ˜€ My mother-in-law and Sam came down to spend time with her and I was able to spend my lunch hour with her and she was in great spirits. She is truly something to behold, fighting against this awful disease and experiencing these treatments but she does it all with her head held high, a smile on her face (most of the time…unless I make her mad or annoy her! ๐Ÿ˜› )

“The ultimate measure of a (wo)man is not where (s)he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where (s)he stands at a time of challenge and controversy.” – Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s an extremely powerful quote form one of the most powerful men in our country’s history and one that speaks volumes of our situation. Lindsay and I decided very early on in this journey that we weren’t going to let it consume us, overtake us and wreak havoc on our emotions, relationship and health. We knew we were strong but as the shirts that so many of you graciously bought in support of our growing family says, you don’t know how strong you really are until it’s your only option. Lindsay and I decided our only option in this fight were to stand up and brush off the dirt that got kicked on us, give cancer the middle finger and start to fight back. We also knew that our mental approach would be a huge part of our battle. We could either cave to the battle, emotionally and physically, and let it consume our every thought, action and move or we could look at our situation and say “Yeah, it sucks, but we’ve got way too much good in our life/lives to let it hold us down”.

I know a lot of people handle tragedy and different situations very differently and that’s ok but I’m very, very glad and fortunate that we both got on the same page early with our approach to this battle. We decided positivity, a focus on “one step at a time, one day at a time”, surrounding ourselves with the people we love and those who support us and growing our faith in Jesus will get us through. Two weeks ago we started going to a ‘bible study’ of sorts at two very dear friends of ours’ house every Wednesday to start the discussion on faith, Jesus, God and what being a Christian means to us and it’s been a great experience. I had built up a fictional wall for so long regarding faith due to the many different ‘types’ of religious folk/churches/doctrines and ‘bible-thumpers’ and I’m starting to feel that wall break down a little bit. It’s been great for our marriageย and for our mental approach to this fight as well, as it gives us one more “security blanket” of sorts, to help get us through. As many of you know by now, I’m a talker (rambler according to Linds ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and I’m sure that Cara and Dave were thinking that at some point during our discussions but I have a lot to get out! So many questions, so many thoughts, so many opinions, so much confusion that I’ve built over the past decade plus is slowly being torn down. I see it as a brick wall, being taken down brick by brick until we hit the bottom when we can start to lay a solid, battle tested and lifeproof foundation for our lives, otherwise known as faith and following Jesus.

Life is going to get you down. Life is going to serve you a crap sandwich every now and again. Life isn’t fair, life is hard and sometimes life or the people within your life are going to kick you right in the groin and knock you to the ground. You’re going to find times of challenge and controversy in your life where you wake up or come to and you’re confused as to where you are or where to go. Make sure when that time comes that you’re standing there, maybe even emotionally and physically drained, with a smile on your face, loved ones at your side, looking the challenge or controversy in the face and letting it know that it will not define, defeat or destroy you. That’s what strength is about. The knockdowns are inevitable, it’s what you do in response to this adversity that matters.

It’s a great start to our treatment week, spirits and mindsets are extremely positive and high and Lindsay continues to kick some serious ass. We need to keep hearing your prayers, as they’re definitely pulling us through!


One thought on “Where do YOU stand in times of challenge and controversy?

  1. Our prayers continue for the three of you and your extended families. Our prayer warriors join together to pray every week (and more ) for healing, strength and comfort for Lindsey during this fight. We also continue to pray for good health and strength for baby Joey and strength to you, Lindsey’s family and your family as well. I am so happy to hear you are doing Bible Study… I study every morning and it is amazing at what God has done and is doing for us every day. Keeping you all close to heart and in our prayers!


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