One more day down.

Keep those prayers coming! We finished up treatment day #2 and everyone is feeling as good as can reasonably be expected. We had a nice relaxing night in together and caught up on some TV shows! Linds is still kicking some serious butt with her treatments and so far has felt as good as can be expected and has shown just how strong she really is, it’s pretty damn inspiring! Anyway, I’m going to have a drink and watch a movie or TV show to take my mind off things for a little while before our long day tomorrow.

Lindsay gets her mediport put in this weekend (easy access for IV hookup) and we have in-patient treatment chemo setup in Peoria OSF…gonna make for a long and cooped up weekend but we’ll have some visitors and plenty of time to play cards and games I’m sure! It’s like Linds likes getting beat in cards…she kees coming back for more for some reason?!

I’ll be sure to update tomorrow and throughout the weekend to get caught up to present day. LOTS has happened since where I last left off so be prepared to read my long-winded writing. 🙂 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all so very much for your prayers, love and support, it’s working so keep it coming!

Also we are continually humbled and emotionally moved by the donations and t-shirt purchases, we’ll do our best to personally thank each and every one of you but it may take some time! Love you all, we’ll talk again tomorrow!

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