First Day In The Books!

Today we did our first day of chemo treatment and Lindsay kicked some serious ass, pardon my French! 🙂 A few things are for sure in a situation like this, you find out just how powerful prayer is, witness how many people’s lives you’ve touched and who care for you and lastly, perhaps most importantly, you find out just how strong your love for your spouse, family and friends really is. We are incredibly humbled by all the donations, prayers, messages, texts, gestures and gifts that we’ve received thus far!

This is an ugly disease and can bring the strongest of people to their knees but having the support system we have, combined with Lindsay’s strength, we are kicking butt and taking names! Keep the prayers coming and we’ll keep fighting! I will post more later tonight but I wanted to get something up to give an update on treatment so everyone can see their prayers hard at work!

In honor of Woman Crush Wednesday, I’ll post a picture of my gorgeous, courageously strong, intelligent and awe-inspiring wife who will forever and always be my woman crush!


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