Test, Test, Is This Thing On…

After sitting here absolutely devastated and stunned for the past 9 hours after discussing my wife’s diagnosis of small cell ovarian cancer with our gynecological oncologist, I decided it was time to find a release for my (our) emotions. I know this won’t be easy; I know I won’t be able to write every emotion that my wife and I are going through because some will be indescribable and some will be too personal; I know this may not fix a thing for us but I know it will help me heal emotionally as we venture into this foggy, dark and treacherous pathway that is known as “the road to cancer recovery.”

Did I mention that we’re on this path with a 20 week old little boy inside my wife? This is our story of a new family, a new challenge and an awful, awful disease. We invite you to join us in our journey, share the smiles, share the tears, share the pain and euphoria and most importantly share your love, prayers and support!

We have a truly amazing family and support system already in place but there is no limit on how many people you can have in your corner during these difficult times.

I struggle to find an explanation or feeling to exemplify how we feel currently, but this beautifully written and played song by Jason Gray says it all. A very dear friend of ours shared this on Lindsay’s Facebook page and I sobbed for the first time during this terrible time in our lives while listening to this so I know it’s truly how I feel right now.

Give it a listen here:

Jason explains his lyrics here:


Cody (Lindsay is asleep next to me or I would make her sign it too!)

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